Canmore Homes Near Trails

Canmore is known for its outdoor adventures, beautiful trails, and rustic scenery. And, there's no better way to enjoy that than one of the many trails and hikes around the area. If you're moving to Canmore and you love to hike, finding a home near one of these trailheads might be ideal. Here are some of the neighbourhoods and communities around some of the more popular trails in Canmore.

Close to TownCanmore Homes Near Trails

There are several trailheads right in town including the Benchlands trail, Policeman Creek trail, Larch Island walking path and River Walk. If you’re looking to be in town yet close to a trail, these are some of the best walking trails in town and they’re usually not very strenuous.

Benchlands Trail

Benchlands Trail is literally right along the side of the road and wanders to the cemetery, around neighbourhoods, and is a great trail to take any evening after dinner with your dog or stroll around in the early morning hours. This is just off of the highway and there are plenty of neighbourhoods right at this location. You’ll find single-family homes primarily, a few condominiums, and trails along the creek bed. This inter-connection of trails winds to the Elk Run a Park and dog park and weaves its way in and around the neighbourhoods. This is primarily a residential neighborhood (Benchlands) so you’ll find homes starting at about $800,000.

Policeman Creek Trail

Right across the freeway along Spring Creek is the Policeman Creek Trail. This is more in town and is ideal for those that want to grab a cup of coffee and walk along the riverfront and stop into some of the great shops and restaurants right in downtown. It’s close to Centennial Park and the Elevation Place Aquatics Center and runs south to Spring Creek Gate, which connects to the campground and all the way north to the Canmore Golf and Curling Club and Bow River. You can also do a complete loop that wraps around back to the center of town. Real estate in this area is gonna be more townhouses and condominiums, a few waterfront condos and smaller homes.

River Walk Canmore

This trail follows along Bow River and actually can connect with the Policeman trail as well. Because it’s right in downtown you’ll have similar properties with quite a few condominiums, apartments, and townhouses. These are primarily rental properties as well. The trail falls all the way south along Bow River connecting to several other trails, the Three Sister Lookout, and the Small Sulfur Pond.

Cougar Creek Trail

Located northeast of the highway and north of Benchlands, the Cougar Creek Trail can be accessed by the homes and residential properties around Eagle Terrace. There are a few single-family homes, townhouses and condominiums surrounding Eagle Terrace Park which can connect to several trails leading up to Cougar Creek. From here, trails had off for miles in many directions, one of which leads up to Mount Lady McDonald Teahouse Helipad, a unique historical landmark ideal for the seasoned hiker and climber as it is quite an extreme US trek. - Side note - This trail closes frequently so be sure to check with the current status.

Powerline Trail

Located south of downtown along Lawrence Grassi Ridge is the Powerline Trail and trail around Quarry Lake perfect for picnics and forest walks. You can park at the Quarry Lake Park and head in through one of the lots in Peaks of Grassi, one of the area’s premier new subdivisions. The trail follows east and west along the Powerline and on up into Grassi Lakes with Whiteman’s pond and reservoir. There are beautiful waterfalls in this area along Three Sisters Parkway but very few residential properties as you headed further west.

These are some of the top trails in town but of course, our area stretches far beyond the confines of the city. If you'd like more information on any homes near Canmore trails, contact us below.

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