Canmore Realtor – 12 Questions to help you find the right agent

12 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Canmore Realtor.

welcomeNot all real estate agents can help you get the home you want. Others, well, there are good agents and there are bad. By asking the questions below before you get started with an agent, your chances are substantially better that you will get the agent and the home that is best for you.

1. Do you work full-time in real estate? How many clients have you worked with in the past year? Okay, that’s two questions, but they work well together. Having an agent who is working in real estate full time in the Bow Valley is critical since it allows them to be exposed to more of what is going on in the market they work in.

2. How many homes have you sold in the target neighbourhood that I want to live in? Canmore has many unique communities with differences from Architectural bylaws, lots sizes, views & zoning. Due to these variables, home values can vary dramatically from community’s that are directly next to each other.  Ideally, you should work with someone who is familiar with the areas you are most interested in, and has done a few deals in target neighborhoods to ensure their expertise in order to get you the best possible deal and not miss the opportunity to purchase.

3. What are all of the service you would be providing for me? Services such as negotiations, escrow, paperwork, and contingencies are typical of real estate transactions, but some agents are more careful about making sure they get done than others. Some are more willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Try to get one of these types of agents. You should also get a list of everything they promise to handle for you in case you find surprises during the process.

4. At what point am I committed to working with you? Some agents consider their relationship with you sealed in gold after they start taking you out on prospect calls. This might end up obligating you to working with them exclusively. Make sure you feel comfortable with the agent and you get any such agreement in writing .

5. Have you handled Visitor Accommodation or Hotel Condo sales in the past? If so, how many? Many of Canmore’s vacation properties have this zoning and they involve a lot of expertise on the part of the agent. If you want to go down this road, you might do well to find an agent who has experience working with these types of properties.

6. Who else will be working with me on my transaction? Most agents work as teams with others to do the work associated with a transaction. This is becoming a more common way of doing business, but it’s also important to know who is primarily responsible for making sure a deal gets done. Make sure that no matter how big the real estate team is, you have one person that is primarily looking after your needs and you can get in touch with them at anytime.   Many teams have a structure where you are forced to communicate with whatever member of their team is working that day, this can become extremely frustrating and have your needs not fully addressed.

7. Am I required to work with a particular lender, inspector, or other service provider? This is a big red flag should the answer be “yes.” Agents often have good relationships with particular service providers, but you should be allowed to work with another person if you choose to do so. You should never feel pressured to work with particular service providers. Besides, being required to do so is illegal.

8. How quickly can you get me into a home? Markets as well as good deals move fast. Your agent should be willing to work fast when the time is right. Make sure your agent is also willing to take you on Canmore tours on short notice.

9. Do you have pocket listings?  Many deals get put together in Canmore off market.   Due to the low inventory of homes in Canmore, it is nice to have an agent that has pocket listings or the ability to find you properties that match your needs and are not currently listed.

10. What sets you apart from other agents in the area? Be sure you are careful when you listen to the answer to this question. Many agents will show you how excited they are to work with you, but not all of them are very experienced. You want both. Further, you want someone who not only has experience in the real estate business, but also knows the local market as well. You should also check to make sure if the agent has any experience working with any special requirements you may bring to the deal (i.e. creative financing).

11. What would you do if I was unhappy with your service? Most agents don’t get paid until the sale of the home closes. This will be an incentive for them to close the deal even if you have concerns. You want an agent who will guarantee your satisfaction, but will make you aware of your options for recourse if you are unsatisfied.

12. May I see reviews of your past deals? Most good agents have nothing to hide. In fact, they want you to check them out to see that their past clients are happy with them. Don’t be shy. Ask their clients what they thought of the agent’s performance. You will be glad you did.

Buying a property in Canmore or Banff does not have to be stressful. Choose a Realtor that has drive, experience, confidence and a passion for their Career.  I would love the opportunity to Answer any Real Estate questions you may have, call me at 403-688-7769 or reach out with my handy ‘ContactMe’ sidebar to the right of this screen!

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