Furnishing a Canmore Vacation Rental: Where to Splurge

Vacation rental furnitureInvesting in a vacation rental property in Canmore is a smart strategy. To maximize the potential for success in a short term rental, you need to know where you should splurge on your furnishing and decor. There are certainly some places to save on your budget, but other features deserve some special attention and budgetary priority. We can help you find vacation rental properties for sale in Canmore, so contact us any time to learn more about the local real estate market.

We also have some tips to help you know where to spend a little extra now to attract your ideal guests, so keep reading to learn more about where to focus your design budget in your Canmore vacation rental property. 

Quality Bedding

One feature in your vacation rental will surely be used by all guests: the beds. No matter their reason for visiting Canmore or the demographic of the guests, the bedding matters. For many guests, the foundation of a memorable vacation is a good night's sleep, and investing in high-quality bedding and mattresses can be a critical way to secure five star reviews.

Guests are likely to appreciate the comfort of a plush mattress and soft, luxurious sheets after a day of exploring Canmore's outdoor wonders. Opt for premium pillows and duvets to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A comfortable bed not only contributes to positive guest reviews but also encourages repeat visits, making it a worthwhile splurge.

Scenic Views

Canmore is renowned for its stunning mountainous landscapes, and being able to take full advantage of the views can be a major selling point for tourists. Consider investing in properties with expansive windows or balconies that showcase the natural beauty surrounding the area.

Enhance outdoor spaces with comfortable patio furniture, a barbecue grill, and perhaps a hot tub for guests to relax while enjoying the scenic vistas. The allure of waking up to mountain views or stargazing from a private balcony can justify the splurge, as it creates lasting memories for guests. These features are often a top priority that guests are willing to pay a bit more to enjoy. 

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Canmore's culinary scene is diverse and vibrant, but some guests prefer the option of cooking their meals. A well-equipped kitchen is a valuable asset in a vacation rental, and a must-have or dealbreaker for some guests.

Splurge on high-quality kitchen appliances, cookware, and utensils to provide guests with a seamless cooking experience. Including premium coffee makers, wine glasses, and other thoughtful touches can elevate the overall guest satisfaction. A functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen contributes to positive reviews and encourages guests to choose your rental for their next visit.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology can enhance the convenience and modernity of the vacation rental. Invest in features like smart thermostats, keyless entry systems, and entertainment systems.

This not only adds a touch of luxury but also improves the overall guest experience. Smart home technology allows guests to control the ambiance, security, and entertainment effortlessly, contributing to a more enjoyable and stress-free stay. While it may involve a significant upfront cost, the long-term benefits in terms of guest satisfaction and positive reviews make it a worthwhile investment.

Interested in learning more about homes for sale in Canmore? We can work with you to narrow your search to include only the properties that suit your goals, so contact us any time to get started. 

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