Going Green in Canmore

March usually brings those first welcome signs of spring. The snow begins to melt and tulips and other bulbs start to pop through with little bits of green.  The Spring Equinox marks an extension of daylight hours, creating a drive to be outside and soak up the sunshine. Mother Nature once again allows us to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. On March 28 we also celebrate Earth Hour. With growing awareness about pollution, waste, and global warming, March is the perfect time to reevaluate some of your current practices and aim to integrate more eco-friendly habits. 

The outdoor culture in Canmore makes preserving our natural environment so important. Many residents and businesses have already been following environmentally-conscious practices. Check out some of the amazing ways our community is going green in Canmore!

City-Wide Initiatives

The town of Canmore as a whole created an Environmental Sustainability Action Plan to change and improve the current amount of waste, resources, and education that happens within the city. Like with all initiatives and changes, community education is one of the key priorities in making environmentally sustainable changes.

There are many ways the town works toward creating a comfortable yet sustainable place to call home. A few of those areas are in waste and toxin reduction as well as new-build requirements.

wasteWaste Reduction

Canmore is able to significantly cut down on the amount of waste that goes into the landfills. The town does this by increasing and promoting programs to reuse, recycle, and recover resources. The town has also promoted a less consumeristic model of living, challenging residents and visitors to use resources they already have instead of purchasing unnecessary items.

Toxin Reduction

For the past two decades, Canmore has been extremely conscious about the use of toxins in the city. The strict rules and regulations on lawn and weed care help eliminate many toxins put out into the environment by herbicides and pesticides. There is also an on-going effort to educate the community on the harmful chemicals found in everyday products. The education focuses on items such as cleaning supplies, home repair and maintenance products, and power sources. More environmentally-friendly options are being created and promoted to better serve the residents and our planet.

Building Requirements

Canmore has also created The Town of Canmore Green Building Regulations to monitor the construction of new buildings and spaces. These regulations and requirements apply to all new structures being built. The ecological benefit to these regulations is that green buildings are more efficient to operate, create a healthy space for the occupants and workers, and often result in higher-quality products that last longer.

Local Organizations

There are also organizations in Canmore that work to educate and inspire residents and visitors to live a green lifestyle. 

  • Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley: Housed in Canmore, the Biosphere Institute prioritizes research, education, and community engagement to protect and preserve the world around us, particularly the beauty found in our area. They believe that empowering everyone connected to the community is the best way to ensure conservation goals are met. The Biosphere Institute visits classrooms, holds workshops for community members, and trains and collaborates with volunteers to “build a culture of responsible behaviour.” By empowering community members and visitors to take an active role, the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley aims to address climate change concerns and human-wildlife interactions.
  • bearBow Valley WildSmart: One of the perks of living in and near the Canadian Rocky Mountains is the ability to spot
    incredible wildlife. However, in many places around the world humans have found it difficult to coexist without intruding on animal ecosystems. The Biosphere Institute created an internal organization dedicated solely to encouraging positive human-animal interactions. WildSmart aims to reduce the negative impacts that modern amenities can bring to the natural world. As a proactive conservation program, their goal is to teach safety and sustainability. They do this by fostering positive reactions between humans and the wildlife we often encounter near Canmore.

Get Involved

One person does make a difference, especially when one person influences those around them to make eco-friendly changes! When March 28 rolls around, we hope you join millions around the world in making a statement about your intentions. The Earth Hour movement asks participants to turn off all unnecessary lights and electronics for one hour, beginning at 8:30 PM. One hour doesn’t seem like much. However, it gives you a chance to connect to the planet and live in a positive frame of mind. For more information on ways to further celebrate Earth Hour, head to the official 2020 Earth Hour site!

Canmore is known worldwide for its amazing outdoor lifestyle and culture. One of the most important elements of maintaining this reputation is the conscious effort of businesses and residents to go green. At Canmore Real Estate Company, we are proud to serve a community that has such noble and intentional goals in preserving the natural world. We would love to work with you on finding an eco-friendly property, guiding you toward environmentally sustainable home practices, and connecting you with businesses and locals who are passionate about the environment. Reach out to agent Devin Stephens at [email protected] or call 403.688.7769!

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