Have You Considered Making Your Canmore Vacation Rental Wheelchair Accessible?

Accessible rentalCanmore, nestled in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, is a destination that attracts visitors seeking both natural beauty and adventure. As a vacation rental property owner in Canmore, ensuring that your space is accessible to individuals with mobility challenges not only broadens your potential guest base but also aligns with principles of inclusivity and hospitality.

Keep reading for some actionable steps you can take to make your vacation rental property in Canmore wheelchair accessible, enhancing the overall experience for all guests.

Why wheelchair accessibility?

Making your vacation rental in Canmore wheelchair accessible is not just a matter of meeting legal requirements; it's a thoughtful and inclusive decision that can benefit both property owners and a diverse range of guests.

The travel industry is evolving towards inclusivity. Many travel agencies, platforms, and tour operators are emphasizing accessible travel options. Aligning your vacation rental with these industry shifts increases visibility and collaboration opportunities. Making your property accessible demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and creates a welcoming environment for all travelers, irrespective of their mobility status.

In addition, offering a wheelchair-accessible vacation rental contributes to positive guest experiences. Satisfied guests are more likely to leave you those coveted five star reviews, attracting future guests and improving your property's online reputation.

So what can you do to make your vacation rental property more accessible?

Accessible Entryways

Install ramps at entry points to eliminate barriers for wheelchair users. Ramps should have a gradual slope, handrails for support, and a non-slip surface. This allows guests to enter the property with ease.

You should also ensure that doorways are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Consider widening them if necessary, and opt for lever-style handles, which are easier to operate.

Wheelchair-Friendly Flooring

Opt for smooth and slip-resistant flooring throughout the property. This facilitates easier movement for wheelchair users and reduces the risk of accidents.

If you choose to have carpets in your vacation rental, select low-pile options. This type of carpeting is more wheelchair-friendly and makes it easier for individuals to move around. 

Pay attention to the transitions between flooring types in the home to make sure they are easy to navigate in a wheelchair.


Accessible washrooms are a must. Install roll-in showers with grab bars for support. This design allows wheelchair users to roll directly into the shower area without barriers. Ensure that showerheads are adjustable in height. This accommodates guests who may be seated in a wheelchair and need a lower shower head position.

You might also consider adding raised toilet seats to provide ease of use for individuals with mobility challenges.

Smart Home Technology

Installing smart home technology in your vacation rental is a great idea for many reasons, and one of them is the way it increases accessibility. Integrate smart home technology with voice-activated controls. This allows guests to control lighting, temperature, and other features without physical interaction.

You can also install smart locks with keyless entry options. This not only provides convenience but also eliminates the need for physical keys.


If the property has parking on site, designate accessible parking spaces close to the entrance. Ensure that these spaces are clearly marked and meet accessibility standards. Next, create a smooth and wide pathway from the parking area to the entrance. This ensures a seamless transition for wheelchair users.

Collaboration with Experts

In order to confidently market your vacation rental as accessible, you may want to ask an expert for their opinion of the renovations you have made to the property. 

Consider consulting with accessibility experts or organizations to assess and improve the overall accessibility of your property. Their insights can help identify specific areas for improvement.

You can also explore the possibility of obtaining an accessibility certification for your vacation rental. This certification can enhance your property's visibility among guests seeking accessible accommodations.

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