House Hunting the “Feng Shui” Way in Canmore

Tips to help you buy a Canmore Investment property with Good Feng Shui.

Even though buying a home can be overwhelming, it is one of the most essential decisions you can make in life. Not only does the house need to big enough for the family and well allotted with the right type of amenities, it should also bring luck to the occupants. That is where Feng Shui comes in handy. Initially used by the Chinese to choose the ideal location and design of feng shuitheir structures, it is believed that people who live in harmony with Feng Shui or natural energy tend to experience good fortune, prosperity, personal happiness and success. This typically means that your surroundings have a very big effect on your life to the point of impacting your prosperity and even opportunities that come your way. Hopefully these tips will serve as a good guide for helping you choose the perfect Feng Shui Property in Canmore.

1. Buy a “successful” or a new house in Canmore

A new house does not have a history, making it the ideal choice. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a pre-owned house, purchase one from somebody who is moving into a bigger home, has won a lottery and is purchasing a villa or got a promotion and is relocating. This shows that you are moving into a house with good positive energy. Homes that are for sale as a result of a divorce, foreclosure or any other misfortune are not the ideal choice. Buying such a house can mean that you are actually purchasing those problems. There might be a topographical or landscape aspect causing the problems or the house itself might be the problem. So it is best to just pass such houses.

2. Location and Shape

According to Feng Shui principles, a good house must be regular shaped; either rectangular or square shaped. Most Irregular designed houses usually have missing corners which cause the family to miss out on various types of luck. For instance houses that do not have the west corner will see the couple struggle to conceive. In addition, a home that is located on a level or high land will encourage the best flow of positive energy. Avoid houses that are located in a cul de sac, at the end of a T-junction or on a dead end as such locations tend to interfere with energy flow, hence allowing stagnation. A home that sits on a land that rises slightly behind it is the best as that will slow down positive energy departure. It should also be located on the front half of the land and the entrance should not sit below the road level, as this may cause positive energy to by-pass your house.

Next, stroll around the estate and look out for any water tanks, communication towers, cemeteries, electrical power lines and so on. These are some of the things that can generally bring misfortunes to your family. Then examine the design of the houses that surround the house you are interested in, there should not be any light poles or poison arrows hitting directly in front of your main entrance.

3. The main door

The main door of the property you are interested in should always be built firmly to protect you and your loved ones. It should also be big enough to bring in good luck and plenty of wealth. Additionally, as you open the door, it should lead into a spacious and welcoming environment. Avoid houses that the main door opens up into a narrow corridor, as this will limit the amount of success coming into your house. The door should also not be in direct line with back door or the kitchen door. Such features will cause the family to spend on unnecessary items hence making accumulation of assets and wealth difficult. Next, never hang scary pictures or mirrors directly in front of the main door, as this will discourage relatives and friends from visiting you.

4. Room Placement

Even though there are many ways to counter negative energy patterns inside a house, it is good to choose a home that avoids these from the word go. Stairs that are located immediately opposite the entrance will allow positive energy to escape. Bathrooms should also be located on the outer spaces of the house, if they are anywhere near the center of the house, Feng Shui can easily drain away. Also be sure that the bathrooms are not located over a kitchen or dining. This can cause diseases in the home. The bathrooms and bedrooms should also not share a common wall with toilet.

5. What is North West or Southwest?

The South west is the position of the lady of the home. If the bathroom or the storeroom is located in this direction, there could be general unhappiness or marital difficulties in the home. Also, look at the North West. Open flames such a fireplace or a gas stove should never be in this direction. A home with such a design means the man of the house will have severe difficulties.

6. Landscaping

Placement of trees or shrubbery can either hinder or enhance movement of positive energy, so always go for homes that do not have shrubbery and tress around them. For optimal energy flow, trees should not be in direct line with the main door, as this may interfere with movement of good energy. Use of banners, spinners, flags, wind chimes and brightly colored colors can help attract positive energy.

7. Social areas

A family’s day to day life mainly revolves around the den, entry hall and the kitchen. Because of this, such areas should have an appealing shape and should be easy to move through. Feng Shi promotes a vibrant and lively social area. An area that allows the family to interact easily and freely without affecting the order of things. It is also important to have a lighting system that makes dull faces glow and hides yesterday’s dust.

Bottom Line

Exploring these points will assist your home hunting mission to be done in a feng-shui enlightened way. It will not only maximize your chances of purchasing a good home in Canmore, but also enhance your chances of selling the house when you eventually decide to move on. If buying a Canmore home with good Feng Shui is important to you, we have the knowledge to help you find an investment that you can nurture good relationships, pile up wealth and bring you and your family good health, vitality and happiness. Click here to contact us today!

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