How a Photogenic Vacation Rental Can Be More Profitable

Photogenic Vacation RentalThere are many strategic tactics you can employ to make your short term vacation rental in Canmore more profitable. Paying attention to customer reviews, making sure you stand out from local competition, and arranging the rental to accommodate families are just some of the ways you can invest in your own success

Another key factor in the profitability of your short term vacation rental might surprise you; your property should be as photogenic as possible.

Even if your rental does not boast the most breathtaking views or impressive architectural design, there are plenty of ways you can make it photo-worthy and we have some tips to help. If you are still looking for your ideal investment property in Canmore, contact us any time to learn more about how we can help you find it. 

Why should my vacation rental be photogenic?

Much like word of mouth is one of the best ways to generate new customers for any business, when your guests post photos of the great time they are having staying at your vacation rental, their friends and social media followers are given a sneak peak and teaser to your property. The more photo-worthy your vacation rental, the more likely your guests are to take photos and share them with friends. Simply put, if you are strategic, your guests will do your marketing for you. 

In addition to your guests sharing on social media platforms, a vacation rental that photographs well will stand out in its online listing. The vacation rental industry is becoming increasingly competitive, especially in markets like Canmore and Banff where there is a steady demand all year round. This means the more screen appeal your vacation rental has to stand out from competition as potential guests scroll through listings, the better. 

What makes a vacation rental photogenic?

After you have decided to prioritize making the property photogenic, you may need some help deciding where to start. Consider these ideas. 

1. Pay attention to lighting and views

Look around your vacation rental property and assess the lighting situation. If there is not much natural light, look for ways to maximize it by choosing window coverings that allow the most light possible in, trimming trees or landscaping that are blocking light outside the window, and hanging mirrors to bounce natural light around the room. 

If there are any windows or doors that offer beautiful views, make sure to orient the furniture in a way that takes full advantage of them. 

2. Get inside the head of your ideal guest

Consider who your ideal guest or targeted customer is. Have you designed your vacation rental to appeal to hikers and outdoorsy adventurists, or is it oriented to attract young families on vacation? Design the property to suit what your targeted guest would choose, keeping in mind the greater surrounding area of Canmore. Subtly honour the mountain setting of Canmore and Banff, incorporating photography of famous Banff National Park sites or tasteful Western decor. 

3. Remember that less is more

When it comes to decorating a vacation rental, in many cases less is more. Your guests will arrive with their own belongings and may end up cluttering the place a bit during their stay. Help avoid a crowded atmosphere or a cluttered aesthetic by opting for a few large statement pieces rather an lots of small decorative items. A minimalist approach will allow the property to shine even if your guests bring with them some birthday decor or lots of their own supplies. 

To learn more about investing in a profitable vacation rental in Canmore, contact us any time. We are ready to help you see just how successful your Canmore investment can be.

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