Must Have Smart Home Features for Vacation Rentals

Smart Home Features for Vacation Rentals

Smart home features offer a streamlined, efficient experience for both you as the host and your guests in your short term vacation rental. If you have not yet equipped your vacation rental property with smart home technology, it is not too late to get started. Keep reading for some must have smart home features for your vacation rental that will elevate your property to the next level. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks are one of the best smart home purchases for your vacation rental because they streamline the check-in and check-out process. There are many benefits of installing smart locks, including:

  • Guests can check-in and check-out without you or a property manager being on site to deliver or collect a key from a lock box
  • There are no keys to lose and replace
  • Higher level of security, as you can change the smart lock code after every guest 
  • It is easier to manage the property remotely, with no need to physically handle lock-outs and other mishaps
  • Basic smart locks start around $50, while smart locks equippped with WiFi (making remote management easier) are usually around $150 or more

If there is one smart home feature you are going to buy and install right away, a smart lock should be it. This will save you time, money, and stress and make the experience convenient for your guests. 

WiFi Thermostat

A smart thermostat can be controlled remotely with WiFi. To provide the best guest experience, allow your guests to control the temperature of the rental while they occupy it. From your guests' perspective, this smart home feature will simply add a high-end look to the property. 

For your benefit, thought, a WiFi enabled thermostat will allow you to maximize the energy efficiency of rental and save money while managing it remotely. You can access to the thermostat from anywhere to warm up or cool down the property a few hours before guests arrive, or turn it off to save money on your utuility bill between guests. 

You can also set temperature restrictions on the thermostat. If you decide to do so, make sure to disclose this to your guests before they book to avoid frustrated reviews. 

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are a feature you can advertise to make your vacation rental stand out from competition. Amazon Fire Sticks or Roku TVs can make coming home after a long day of hiking, kayaking, or exploring in Banff National Park as comfortable as can be. 

Even if your guests chose your location because they love to get outside and explore, chances are they are looking forward to unwinding with their favorite show or a movie at the end of the day. 

Look for a Smart TV that is user friendly, with streaming services already enabled to make for an easy guest experience. 

Bluetooth Speakers

Consider adding a bluetooth speaker or two in the property. These can range from smart portable devices for $25 or so to permanently installed speaker systems for a much higher price point. 

Allowing guests to play their favorite tunes will elevate your vacation rental to a luxury level on par with high end resort experiences. Consider adding a bluetooth speaker to an outdoor space or setting a bluetooth speaker and alarm clock combo on the bedroom nightstands. 

USB Charging Ports

Any small touch that sets your vacation rental apart from others or makes the experience comfortable for your guest is a win. Consider replacing some centrally located outlets with outlets that include a USB port, or add lamps or side tables with USB ports in them around the property. 

This small touch won't cost you much, but will likely result in a happy review at the end of the stay.

Noise Monitoring

If you are concerned about keeping neighbours happy with your vacation rental, consider adding a smart noise monitoring device. Devices like NoiseAware can alert you or your property manager if guests' noise surpasses your set decibel level, allowing you to check-in with the guests to remind them of noise curfews or restrictions before disgruntled neighbours do it for you. 

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