Shoulder Season in Canmore

seasonVisiting Canmore in peak season definitely has its attractions, whether it’s the sunny skies of summer or the magical charm and skiing of mid-winter. However, “shoulder season” – the months between those peak times – has its charms too, and fall is one of the best times to visit Canmore as the town and its surroundings get dusted in autumnal colours.

Shoulder season in Canmore brings the same powerful natural scenery, including impressive mountain ranges and the untouched raw wilderness that Canmore is famous for. Unlike summer and winter, though, fall in Canmore is less busy, offering more peace and quiet for nature lovers.

Bring some warm clothes for a November in Canmore and enjoy outdoor activities, including early season skiing – beating the crowd while saving money at the same time. Let’s see why Canmore is a good holiday choice in shoulder season.

Save Money

lunchShoulder season has one major benefit: due to lower occupancy rates, most accommodation choices in Canmore are significantly cheaper. Throughout November, the hotels and lodgings in Canmore are actively trying to attract customers throughout the week, though weekends might be a little bit busier.

Frankly, every business in Canmore will be trying to attract customers throughout the low season, so you could be in for a good deal.

Watch out for top Canmore restaurant deals, with some establishments offering discounts on lunch and dining.

You may also find that many outdoor activities are discounted, too, or simply easier to book.

Outdoor Adventures

Yes, fall is a bit cooler here, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a great time outdoors in Canmore. Situated right by the Canadian Rockies, Canmore offers stunning scenery to accompany your outdoor activities throughout the year.

Biking is a popular activity, with the Legacy Trail bike path through the Rockies staying open until mid-October. November and early December is a great time to explore the Rockies from a Canmore base, since hiking is usually still an option – but do check the weather before hitting the trails.

The perfect mountain streams and crisp air around Canmore make it an excellent fly-fishing destination. You’ll need to dress warmly for fishing, but you’ll be sure to have much more space to yourself in the off-season.

Beat the Crowd

scenic We all know crowds can ruin the travel experience. But to be fair, the area around the Canadian Rockies is pretty big, so there’s always room for everyone. 

However, if you want to connect really closely with nature, seeing as little human interference as possible, the off-season is the best time to come to Canmore.

There’s also the benefit that wait times will be less than they usually are, so you’d be able to get lodging you want, and you won’t need to wait long for restaurant service either. If you come late enough in the shoulder season, you can also hop on the slopes long before the crowds of skiers arrive.

Early Season Skiing

The winter ski season is action-packed, but it also involves big crowds looking to get in on the downhill action. If you prefer having slopes to yourself and enjoying nature in peace and quiet, you should really think about trying early season skiing around Canmore.

As with shoulder season outdoor activities, in general, it’s worth checking the weather before you head out. It’s not uncommon for skiing facilities to be up and running in mid-November, while late November should bring solid snowfall making for great skiing experiences. Other facilities open in December, but it all depends on the weather.

Shoulder Season in Canmore is Unique

natureComing to Canmore in the lead-up to the skiing season is not just about saving money and avoiding tourist hustle and bustle.

Alberta in autumn offers a uniquely beautiful colour palette as the larch trees across the landscape change colour, bathing Canmore in a golden yellow.

Autumn also brings a unique collection of Canmore fall activities, including the Kananaskis Mountain Festival towards the end of October, featuring wine tasting, cooking courses and more. The wider Banff region has even more on offer.

Staying for the Long Haul?

There’s no doubt that Canmore is an incredibly attractive place to visit. In fact, a lot of holidaymakers keeping coming back. Some find the town so charming that they end up investing in property, either as a holiday home or as a permanent abode.

For investors, Canmore offers fantastic returns, whether your property operates as a holiday home or is available to locals.

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