Three Hard Words

The Three Hardest Words a Real Estate Agent Can Say

The Canmore Market finds itself in an exciting situation. With a very busy 2020 behind us, we see February with a low number of listings. As with any Real Estate Market, once we see a large amount of activity and sales, most buyers feel that all of the “Low Fruit” has been picked over and purchasing looks a little less attractive than 6 months ago. The challenge for me as your agent is to help you navigate the Market.

Demand from the late Fall and early Winter Market remains strong. We see a society that has reevaluated their priorities. Now, more than ever, embracing the mountain environment becomes paramount in the minds of active individuals and their families. I would think that if you are reading this, you are one of those individuals.

Here’s the question. “How, with these challenges, can I best find a good real estate purchase?”

Here are a few rules I follow to help my clients find a Property in the Canmore Market.

Be loyal to your Client, not the Deal

The biggest fear a Real Estate Purchaser has is, “AM I OVERPAYING FOR THIS PROPERTY?” It’s a genuine concern and a good one. How many of us have purchased a large item only to see it go on sale 2 weeks later? Most fortunately for my buyers, the Canmore Market has been just the opposite. The added values in the Canmore Market have created some outstanding equity for my clients. I think it’s best to protect you, the Client, by doing the proper Market Analysis before making an offer on a property. If the property is overpriced, too expensive to restore or has a lousy condo association, I am prepared to let you know, and sometimes I have to say hard words NOT THIS ONE.

Look for Opportunities

Time on the Market is a significant statistic to look at. In many cases, this is the Market telling the seller that something is wrong with the offering. Wrong location, wrong price, wrong property condition… it all goes into the time a property sits for sale. Pricing too high often results in no offers at all. In that case, I am able to sit down with my clients and say

“Here is a property that is overpriced for these reasons… This property has sat on the Market for a significant period of time however, it meets the criteria that you are looking for. Here is my evaluation of what you should pay for this property. “

This has proven to be a winning strategy for my clients. Using strong negotiation skills, I can approach a seller at a time when they are more open to “listening to reason”. If a seller and their agent see reason and logic in your valuation, buyers get what they want at the right price. If not, I have to say the hard words…….NOT THIS ONE.

Be Patient but Ready to Strike

Here is a little secret about any Real Estate Market. REAL ESTATE IS LIKE BUSES; ONE COMES ALONG EVERY 20 MINUTES. Patience will be your best friend. Do not get discouraged. I monitor the Listings on our Market several times a day. Working closely with my clients, I have a firm idea of what they are looking for. Using many tools to keep my clients informed about new opportunities enables them to act quickly when the right property comes on the Market.

Having your ducks in a row in terms of financing, and other conditions enables you to respond quickly with a robust, clean offer that is attractive to a seller. Having been in this Market for a long time, gives me the ability to have a fair amount of background information on many properties here and to guide you on the right property to purchase.

I help people every day to navigate this market and find fantastic Mountain Homes. Putting the right plan in place for the current Market allows me to say the Three Easiest Words.



Victor Henning is a Partner with the Canmore Real Estate Group and a long time Real Estate Agent Phone : 403.803.8472

Email: [email protected]


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