What Should My Top Priorities Be in a Canmore Investment Property

Investment property searchAs you begin the search for your investment property in Canmore, the options available to you might be overwhelming. In order to make an investment that makes the most sense for your unique scenario, you need to narrow down the features that are your top priorities. We can help you find homes for sale in Canmore that fit your specific criteria, so contact us any time to learn more about the local investment market. 

Before you begin your search, consider listing some of the following features as your top priorities to support a smart investment plan. 


As with any investment market, the location you choose within Canmore is key. While anywhere in the Canmore and Banff areas is going to be a great choice for a property with appreciating value and great resale potential, some locations are going to be better than others depending on your plan for the property. 

First, determine whether you want to own a personal vacation home, a long term rental, or a short term vacation rental property. This will help guide your selection of the right location. 

The location of your investment property in Canmore can significantly impact its potential for appreciation and rental income. Look for properties in desirable neighbourhoods, close to amenities, with easy access to outdoor activities, parks, and the town centre. Canmore's popularity as a tourist destination makes proximity to attractions a crucial factor, especially so if you plan to run a vacation rental or own your own vacation home. If possible, take a trip to Canmore so we can show you around and help you get a feel for the different neighbourhoods in the area.

Scenic Views

The gorgeous natural setting of Canmore is one of the top reasons people love living and vacationing here. It's hard to fully describe the natural beauty in every direction without seeing it for yourself, but it is undeniably impressive. 

Properties with scenic views of the mountains, rivers, or forests tend to be more attractive to potential renters and buyers. A property that offers a connection to nature can command higher prices and experience better appreciation over time.

Recreational Access

In addition to boasting views of the natural scenery, access to the outdoor recreation is another crucial feature. Canmore is renowned for its outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and more.

You may want to prioritize properties that provide easy access to these activities, either through proximity to trails or ski resorts. A property that caters to the outdoor enthusiast demographic is likely to attract more attention and generate better returns.

Development Potential

Understand the zoning regulations in Canmore to ensure that your investment aligns with local guidelines. Additionally, explore the development potential of the property. Depending on the zoning, you might have the opportunity to expand or redevelop the property to increase its value.

We can help you inquire about these things to make sure that your future goals align with the property you are considering. Canmore is growing rapidly, so gathering as much information as possible about future development and zoning will work to your advantage.

Amenities and Quality of the Home Itself

Don't forget that the features and amenities of the home itself are also a key factor in whether the home will maintain its value and be easily marketable to tenants or tourists. Consider who your ideal guest would be if you will run a vacation rental. For example, if you want to run a vacation rental that attracts families, look for a property with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, minimal safety hazards, and easy parking. 

Assess the quality of construction and maintenance of the property as well. A well-built and well-maintained property not only attracts better tenants but also requires fewer ongoing expenses for repairs and upgrades. This can contribute to a higher return on investment in the long run, so pay attention to the inspection report and prioritize proper construction. 

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